ioCash Release 1.20 (24-Jan-2020)

New features

  • Wallets unsubscription: New endpoint added to the API that allows you to delete wallets for your users. This action is irreversible and the wallet will not be usable anymore in the future. In order to be able to delete a wallet it must have total balance, available balance and held balance equal to 0. For more details check the unsubscribe wallet docs.
  • Users unsubscription: New endpoint added to the API that enables unsubscription of users. This action is irreversible. It is only possible to unsubscribe users that have no active wallets. It will be possible to create a new user with the same parameters as one that was unsubscribed. For more details check the unsubscribe user docs.
  • Transfers via API: Until now it was only possible to make transfers between ioCash wallets via direct calls to the smart contracts. In this release we include a new endpoint that allows to do them via API. For more details check the transfer docs.
  • Download ID file: New endpoint to be able to download the images (front and back) of your identification document (national ID or passport) that was verified after the ID verification video process. For more details check the KYC levels docs.


  • Smart contract examples: We have created a couple of simple smart contracts examples that interact with the EM-Token that can serve you as guide for starting to create your smart contracts with your business logic. In addition we have built a demo web app that uses the emToken and can serve you as a basis to build their PoC dapps on top.
  • Documentation updates: Added to the APIs documentation all the new features described above.
  • High service availability for PRE environment: We have changed the way our deployments in Pre work, so that we do not have to stop PRE environment for each release we do. It will only be needed for modifications on the smart contracts or data base.