iocash Release 1.22 (26-Feb-2020)

New features

  • Error reasons: We have added a new field to movements and holds that show the error reason when the status is equal to error. In addition we have codified some revert reasons on the smart contracts. Although, the movement details already show the translations, in case you operate directly with the smart contracts, you can use this table shown on the documentation.


  • We have restricted transfers with 0 value in the smart contracts.

  • We have added a missing check on the executeAndKeepOpen of a hold in the smart contract to reject this operation for users without permissions.


  • Internal system improvements: We have done internal modifications to improve traceability, monitoring, end to end tests and deployments speed

  • Smart contracts improvements: addition of automatic migration of held balances for future needed migrations

  • Addition of checks in our event scheduler piece of infrastructure to prevent possible duplication of events.