iocash Release 1.23 (16-Mar-2020)

New features

  • IBAN creation: From now on, there will be no automatic creation of IBANs for wallets. Instead, there will be a new endpoint that will create the IBAN for the wallet informed. The user has to be in KYC 1 or higher. You can learn more about the endpoint in the documentation.

  • Save favorite external account: New endpoint that allows to add an external bank account as favorite for a wallet so that future cashouts can be done without having to inform the data of the external bank account. Check full details of the endpoint in the documentation.

  • Delete favorite external account: To delete a favorite external account that has already been added to a wallet. Check full details of the endpoint in the documentation.

  • Cashout to favorite external account: In order to make cashouts to an informed external bank account, you have to use this new endpoint. Check full details of the endpoint in the documentation.

  • Get endpoints for compliance information of the user: Now it is possible to retrieve the information of the users related to compliance. We have added a new GET endpoint of user that gets all its compliance information that he has input to climb in KYC levels. Check here the documentation for more information about this endpoint. Additionally, we have created endpoints to retrieve the information of the documents submitted as well as endpoints to download them (external bank account ownership proof document, tax declaration document)


  • Error in transfers whose concept included an “@”.

  • Concepts did not appear on the movement generated for the receiver.

  • Bug for deleting a user if the user had a verified ID document.

  • Bug that prevented the creation of a user with an ID number that was informed in a deleted user.


  • Addition of missing checks for the creation and execution of holds via API to give error directly on the response.

  • Improved node transactionality.

  • Added checks in our event scheduler piece of infrastructure to prevent possible duplication of events.

  • Reorganization of API catalogue documentation.