iocash Release 1.24 (26-Mar-2020)

New features

  • Get favorite external account: New endpoints that allows to get the information of the favorites set for a wallet. There is one endpoint to get all the favorites of a wallet and another to get a specific one. Check full details of the endpoint in the documentation.

  • Perpetual holds from API: Now it is possible to create perpetual holds (they never expire) from the API. To do so, the field “expiration” should be left empty. You can check the documentation.


  • In transfers via API, limit the sending amount to 2 decimals.


  • API keys in the system are from now one managed always in hashed mode to increase security. This way, ioCash will never know the plain API key of the clients.

  • We have changed the naming of compliance APIs that serve to prove the ownership of an external bank account. Before it was users/{userId}/iban, now it is users/{userId}/external-iban. This was done to better differentiate that these endpoints are not related to the IBAN of the ioCash wallets of users.

  • Added more error reasons to failed movements to cover more failure cases.

  • Improve internal system logging and error tracking.