iocash Release 1.25 (16-Abr-2020)

New features

  • Filtering list of movements Now, in the call of GET movements of a wallet, you can insert the following filters: startDate, endDate and status. This way you can easily find the movements you are looking for. Check full details in the documentation.


  • Solved problems with concurrency in quick consecutive centralized transfers

  • FIxed management of pending / error statuses of cash in movements. (Some cash ins were being put in ERROR when its status should be PENDING)

  • Fix bug in scheduler for holds that changed from perpetual to a specific date. (The expiration date was not being updated correctly)


  • Added restriction that checks that the KYC status of the user is in ASSIGNED before any operation

  • The status of KYC is now included in the GET user compliance details so that you can check it: See full details in the documentation

  • Users and wallets that are in status unsubscribed are not returned to the client anymore when doing GET. As if they didn't exist.

  • Improved internal monitoring of the system with new alerts and new internal E2E tests