iocash Release 1.26 (06-May-2020)

New features

  • Create scheduled operations We have added the possibility to create scheduled operations from our API. With this new functionality you can set transfers or cashouts to be executed on a defined future date as well as set recurring operations. You can check full details in the documentation.

  • Get information about scheduled operations New endpoints that allow you to retrieve all information about the scheduled operations of your wallets. Check full details in the documentation.

  • Get the information about the executions of a scheduled operation: With this new endpoint, you can retrieve the data of the executions that are linked to a scheduled operation. This endpoint will give back the executions already done linked to the movement generated as well as the next future scheduled executions (max of 10). Check full details in the documentation.


  • Normalize spaces in telephone numbers and IBANs to treat the values correctly

  • Fix some wrong hateoas links in some API responses/li>


  • Added all hateoas links that we give in the responses to the documentation

  • Added compliance single operation limit validation to all the API operation requests. Until now the movement was initiated and failed afterwards. From now on, the error will be announced on the response

  • Improved some API error responses to make them more understandable